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Project-Based Community Service Report Form

The purpose of this form is to allow Rensselaer service and fund-raising organizations to document their work.

Project organizers are responsible for providing the documentation, and should include the names of all other clubs that participated with them in the initiative. If your group is not listed as part of a completed project, please contact Community Service.

* Host organization:
Collaborating organizations (Please list, if any):
* Organization served:
* Project name:
* Type of project:
* Please enter the range of the dates of service:
* Number of participants:
* Duration of project (in hours):

Project success (Please complete all that apply)

Number of people served:
Amount of money raised:
Quantities collected: (Please list quantity and units,
such as "100 pints," "1,000 pounds canned goods,"
"250 ribbons," etc.)
* General project description:
(Please note that your description is limited
to 1,000 characters.
Attachments (Please use this area to attach any
relevant pictures, documents, written news
reports, or thank-you notes received as a result
of this project.)