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Graduate Student Visit Form

Thank you for your interest in visiting Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute! Please complete the form below to begin the visitation process. NOTE: Transcripts and faculty recommendations are required for those applying for a funded campus visit.

Personal Information
* Please list three dates (at least one week apart) that you are able
to visit campus if selected. [mm/dd/yyyy]
Dates must be Monday through Friday,
excluding holidays.
* First name
* Last name
* I am applying for a/an: Funded visit
Unfunded visit
* Address 1
Address 2
* City
* State
* Zip (Postal) Code
Country (if other than USA)
* Until what date may we reach
at the above address (mm/dd/yyyy)?
* Citizenship status U.S. Citizen/Permanent Resident
International Student
* Email Address
* Telephone
(please include area code)
Date of Birth
Gender Female

Academic Information
* Current/Previous University
* Undergraduate Major
* Current College Status
* Actual/Expected Year of Graduation (Undergraduate Degree)
* Overall Undergraduate GPA
* Actual/Expected Year of Graduation (Graduate Degree)
* Overall Graduate GPA
Are you currently pursuing a post-
baccalaureate degree? If yes, please explain
In addition to Rensselaer, which other colleges/universities
are you considering for graduate study?
Are you applying to any other graduate
visitation programs? If so, which ones?
* Program of Interest at Rensselaer
(degrees offered)

Degree Goal (when selecting, check to see if degree goal is available for your program.)
* Degree Goal
* Describe what makes you a strong candidate
for graduate study in your area of interest,
including (1) your academic career/goals and your plans
to reach them, (2) a description of any prior research
experience, and (3) your research interest for
graduate study. (Please limit your narrative to 300
words or less.)
Please name up to 3 faculty members
you would like to work with at Rensselaer.
How many years of work experience
will you bring to Rensselaer?

Testing Information
GRE Verbal Score
GRE Quantitative Score
GRE Analytical Score
GMAT Score
If you have not yet taken these tests,
what is your expected test date?

Research Information
* Any research experience? Yes
If yes, please indicate the name of the department
and the name of the research project.
Please specify your area(s) of research interest.
(List in order of interest)

Have you participated in any of the following Undergraduate Research Programs? (Please check all that apply.)
Other (please specify below)
I participated in the
following research programs

Recommender Information

Please provide contact information for a recommender from your current/previous university or employer who can evaluate your ability, experience, and potential. Recommender information is required for applicants to the Diversity in Graduate Studies Visitation Program.
* Name of Recommender
Recommender Title
* Recommender University/Employer
Recommender Email Address
Recommender Telephone
(please include area code)

* Fields with an asterisk must be completed before this form can be submitted. Press submit button to send completed form. Press reset button to clear all form fields.

In addition to submitting this form, please send the following information to George B. Robbins, either via e-mail to, or by fax to (518) 276-3997:
  • A copy of your official transcript
  • Faculty recommendation or evaluation

You may also provide a resumé or any additional information which you feel the Committe should consider.